Halloween Gaming 2014: Order of Ecclesia Update 2


Another just over two hours of game time in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia since my last update on the game and I can call it. Dracula has been defeated.

Dracula himself was a super easy battle as long as you knew what to equip and how you use it. You know, just like how his boss fight was in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. Those items to equip are the Death and Judgment rings along with Melio Falcis, Nitesco, and Dominus Agony glyphs. Once in front of your nemesis keep holding Up and pressing the attack button. A huge downward arcing sword striking version of the beam attack you see in the header graphic above is the result. And along with Dominus Agony activated, a large amount of damage is dealt. At 9,999 HP, Dracula only took about five hits to defeat.

It’s not over, however. To truly finish Dracula off you need to equip all three Dominus glyphs (other two being Anger and Hatred) and perform a Glyph Union (the Up + Attack from before) while he’s getting ready to unleash an otherwise unstoppable screen filling attack. And by unstoppable I mean once started he doesn’t stop…ever. So get him before it begins.

Final game stats are as follows:

Lv. 61; Exp. 733003; 31h57m; 92.9%; 13400 Kills

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