Hotline Miami


I have to say I didn’t know if I’d like Hotline Miami all that much before playing it. Well thanks to @Gigastormz, who hooked me up with it last year on Steam, I had a blast playing it.

I did hear about the soundtrack and how amazing it was before I ever played a second of the game. Other than one specific track, Perturbator, I wasn’t thinking it was amazing like a lot of other people. However, I did think it was very possible that within the game itself, while playing it, the music would work best for me. As it turns out this was the case. I think @lightnarcissus put it best in late 2012.

“Hotline [Miami] is like a house of cards. Every element of it is essential to its feverish experience. Remove anyone and it all falls apart.”

He’s absolutely right about that. The only thing that could make the experience better would be to get out my DVD season set of Miami Vice and play it on the TV set next to me!

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