Hart & Usagi Podcast #51: Pile of Secrets


On this edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back JiibayDan to chat about favorite controllers, 25th anniversary of the Genesis, and some hot Tetris pillow action.

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* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
* USgamer Community Question: What’s Your All-Time Favorite Controller?
* Sony: ‘EA Access’ Offers No Value to PS4 Owners
* Report: GameStop Changing Game Trade-In Program
* The Greatest Games for NES: 1988-89
* Microsoft Still Bullish on Kinect
* If Tetris Were Made Out Of Pillows
* Poll: What Should ‘Night Trap’ Have Been Rated?
* Debunked: Most Downloaded Games Per State Not What It Claims To Be
* Happy 25th birthday, Sega Genesis
* Playtotle 001: Character Design

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5 responses to “Hart & Usagi Podcast #51: Pile of Secrets

  1. Castlevania – I never really played the Castlevania games. The only experience I can say I had was when I would play the first couple levels on NES at a friends house when I was a kid, but that was about it. I think it has that reputation of being extremely difficult, so I just never bothered when I was younger, and that notion carried over with me as an adult. I’ve got this stigma that they’re all just going to be too long, too hard, and to frustrating to play, but I’ve never cared enough to correct it. I have however now played and beat Half-Life 2, so :P :P :P

    Favourite Controller – Dual-shock 2. It just feels the best to me.
    Least favourite controller – I don’t have any memorable problems with standard controllers that I’ve used on a regular basis. Sure, the NES controller feels too small now, and not having analog-stick-support on some PS1 games just feel weird, but that’s more of a problem with time than with hardware. I’d have to move into peripheral land to find things that bother me. Probably the Intec steering wheel I have for the PS2. It’s unresponsive for a significant degree when you first start turning. Also, I had a Gravis Gamepad that I loved, but it also came with this little stick that you could screw into the D-Pad so it functioned more like a joystick; when that thing was on, it was pretty ridiculous to use.

    EB Games – There’s an EB Games I like shopping at because of the people. They’re always friendly, not pushy, and it’s a nice store. I typically go in when I’m looking to see if there’s anything of interest I can pick up for under $10 that I can’t find on Kijiji, and that’s my preferred store. It just goes to show how the people can make a big difference to separate the company from the experience.

    Super Mario 2 – Can you imagine how having to create Peach as a playable character must have bloated the budget for that game?! Stupid girls.
    Bionic Commando – How many times do I have to say it: my favourite NES game.
    Mega Man 2 is probably the game I played the 2nd most on the NES.
    Tetris Pillows – Oh look, Matt got convinced to go with it on LBP and all it took was Mike and Dan shoving it down his throat, telling him repeatedly that he really does want it. It looks like MS’s strategy with the Kinect WILL work after all. ;)

    Night Trap – I would say back then it would have gotten a T for Teen rating. I tend to relate game ratings with movie ratings, and Night Trap wouldn’t get a G rating. I feel that ratings are for the parents that don’t want to talk to their kids. I’ve said before that I don’t mind if our kids (both below the age of 10 right now) watch PG movies because we provide the PG! People forget what the PG stands for. What’s weird in the today-world though is that horror movie trailers that are on TV now seem worse than anything that I’m sure would have been in Night Trap; don’t trailers need a G rating?

    Toejam & Earl – I liked Tj&E. It had a uniqueness at the time, I thought it was funny, and I did like the game-play. I’m not sure it belongs on a best-of-the-system list, but it was fun.

    Playtotle 001: Character Design – I’ve never played the game, but I wonder if Hyakkimaru from Blood Will Tell would fit in this category. He has things like a sword for an arm, and a cannon for a leg, and he goes through the game getting his body parts back… so I think it’s a weird progression where you actually lose abilities as you get further in the game.

    • I would recommend any of the Symphony of the Night style Castlevanias. They’re much easier than the older style ones. There’s Symphony of the Night on PS1, then there’s Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow on GBA, and finally Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia on DS.

      Yes, Hyakkimaru would fit and is one I should have thought of since I’ve played BWT. I felt the game was boring.

    • I recommend the Castlevania games Usagi mentioned. They’re much easier and even I enjoy them more.

      I remember using the Gravis Gamepad. I never used the joystick part.

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