Air Control


Remember that horrendous pile of shit called Earth: Year 2066? Sadly I do. A number of weeks ago it was finally removed from the Steam store by Valve.

Unfortunately another bullshit “game” by the name of Air Control has surfaced. This one isn’t even on the Early Access service. It’s being considered a full complete game. Complete my ass. Its “developer” is doing the same thing too. They’re lying about what the game is and silencing anybody who writes an honest review. Air Control is actually worse than Earth: Year 2066 if you can believe that.

This was covered, just like the previous farce, by Jim Sterling on the Jimquisition. He gives all of the dirty details on it. I also crafted another screenshot for you all.

With games like these getting through I really have to call into question Valve Software. Do they have any quality control on Steam anymore? I’m guessing not. I refuse to think it’s because nobody there notices these smelly turds. I think Valve is turning a blind eye to this matter. If you don’t have enough Steam staff to thoroughly deal with this problem then do I have a solution for you. Hire more people. Hell, hire me. I’ll gladly do it. I’ll happily move out to Bellevue, WA. I’m dead fucking serious!

Thanks to Jim for once again for his work! Much love doubled!


New episodes of both podcasts coming this week. Until then…

SPACE SUPLEX #4 – May 27th 2014 (@SpaceSuplex)
24bitAJE and HartKnight welcome usagi704 and review the October 1999 WWF No Mercy PPV from Cleveland, Ohio.

HART & USAGI PODCAST #46 – May 22th 2014 (@HartandUsagi)
HartKnight and usagi704 chat recent games played, physical vs. digital games, Flappy Bird multiplayer, Google, and more.

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