A Legendary Brotherhood


Last week in my Now Playing article I had talked about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the game I was currently playing. Well that game as of two days ago has been finished.

Playing a game such as Assassin’s Creed when another gaming buddy is doing the same and discussing it on Twitter is quite enjoyable. I did this very thing with @D_Fleischmann while both of us were playing Brotherhood. I mentioned early on before I started the game in question that I don’t usually play in long stretches like I used to. I keep forgetting that this is true for most games, but those with an open world I do play longer at one time. I guess I like to pretend otherwise. This is likely because it just takes longer to do things in an open world game since you’re spending lots of time getting to your destination.

One of the first bugs in the game I noticed was that if a treasure chest is opened before obtaining a location map the icon showing where it is will remain. This was likely overlooked and not fixed due to the yearly releases of this series.


Another two bugs I came across was one where I fell slightly through the ground and the above screenshot was the result. Later on I was hanging onto the side of a building and tried to perform an assassination attempt from it. During it a horse walked in the way and I was placed on it instead. Suddenly, my character started floating upwards into the air. I had to quit and reload my game. Thankfully the game saves after almost everything you do therefore I didn’t lose any progress.

The best trophy in the game to get is called “Spring Cleaning.” All you have to do is “find a guy sweeping, bump into him so he drops the broom. Pick it up, piss off guards, counter kill.” I ended up using a stealth kill instead and it looked brutal.

The underground platforming sequences from Assassin’s Creed II returned for Brotherhood in the form of lairs of the Sons of Romulus. I liked these sections in ACII. I was happy to see them back, but less excited when I had to deal with enemies in them. I did get about three without enemies which was good.

I usually don’t start another game in the same series immediately after finishing a previous one. This is so I don’t grow tired of it easily. However, this time I might go against this rule of mine and start up Assassin’s Creed: Revelations real soon.

Constantinople here I come!


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