Earth: Year 2066


I’m sure you’re already familiar with the Early Access service Valve provides on their Steam digital download platform. If not, one of the places I’ve already talked about it was on the Hart & Usagi Podcast in episode 43.

Well a specific “game” (if you can even call it that) from the Early Access service was highlighted by Jim Sterling on his excellent weekly show, Jimquisition. In this week’s episode he calls out the “developer” (if you can even call them that) of Earth: Year 2066.

It’s the shittiest thing I’ve ever seen and the biggest legalized robbery of your money since The War Z. I took a screenshot and placed text on top of it as a the result of this garbage being out there. You might have already seen it on Twitter.

No words can really describe the hatred I have for these types of business practices and for those assholes behind them.

Thanks to Jim for spreading the truth! Much love!


2 responses to “Earth: Year 2066

  1. Oh, The War Z. So happy to have gotten a refund for that crap, but what a nightmare that was. Incidentally, I had been lurking following this 2066 shit with mild amusement as one petty, pathetic little man tried to stay on top of his shit empire. It’s nearly like watching some spoof Muppet Babies episode where Fozzie plays game designer in the nursery.

    I like Early Access as Steam’s answer to the paid beta Kickstarter like thing and I’ve bought in to several of them that that weren’t heaping piles of shit and lies. When it works, it’s a nice way for developers to make some money while they’re working on their game, and it’s even more awesome when they listen to feedback and change stuff, but we don’t have any guarantees that it will even be good, let alone finished. The biggest problem I have is the immaturity you see a lot with sensitive devs going on censor-wipes. All this criticism deletion reminds me of those crazy stories of people being sued over negative reviews. It’s just… too fucking stupid for words.

    Indie pricing is another thing. Most of them range from $5 to $20 with the majority being in the 10-15 range, at least from my experiences and exposure. I have over 300 games on Steam, most of them indies, and they’re what I’m interested in. I have consoles for big stuff. So, to see a game for $20 and it looks like shit, it really bugs me. For $20 you want to see potential. You want to see cool stuff to go with whatever premise and junk you’ve read about the game to get you interested in the first place, right? That’s how it should be, but Sterling is right, that shit looks like free assets students use to learn. One wonders how 2066 made it through the Greenlight process. Beyond all this, even if a game sounds and looks like something I want, there’s another criteria for me. Most of these games are really fucking short or have zero replay value, so I have to ask myself do I want something for $10 or $15 that might only last me a few hours? Steam sales for the win. I will almost always want .99 and $2.99 junk on my wishlist.

    Long-winded squidness aside, I’d like to see Steam take more steps to avoid shit like this. They are really good about refunds, which is really refreshing and pretty mandatory in this growing market of filth and uncertainty, but they need to not enable fuckwad developers to behave like spoiled 13-year-olds. There must be some kind of process where Steam can look at what’s going on with a dev and go, okay, they’re a douche, *kick*. I mean, these incidents do nothing to enhance Steam’s reputation.

    There is so much more squidbabble in me, but I’m hungry and myt brain hurts the more I rage about crap like this, so that’s enough. Those are the main points. The rest would just be my continued seething.

  2. Man, what a trainwreck that game is.
    It’s really the money bit that is the worst thing about it, but I’m surprised that people even bought it.

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