Onimusha IV


I started playing Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams as I mentioned I would in my previous Now Playing blog post for February. I’ve played the game for two hours and some change.

I’m sure the game will get better over time as I learn how to survive combat better because right now I suck at that. I’m pretty certain I’m not upgrading items correctly either. What I mean by that is my usual problem is I’ll spread out the upgrades instead of focusing them on a few to get those higher more quickly.

The above things are personal problems, but one thing that irks me the most is the lack of direction the game provides. Maybe it’s because I’m very used to looking for things to glow in some way to know I can use them in games of recent years. Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams kind of half-asses it in this regard. You’ll get notified for ladders and such, but not for other things.

An example of this is where I’m stopped at right now. This door needs two keys to open to a boss. One I found in a box, which made sense, by the other key is obtained by striking six lanterns three times each. Unless I was told and simply didn’t notice I’m not sure, but my experience says I wasn’t and therefore I hadn’t any clue what I had to do or where to go to obtain the second key.

This being my first time playing any of the Onimusha titles, I don’t know if these problems exist in the other three games of the series. I hope not as I also have the third game in my library.

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