Hart & Usagi Podcast #43: Play Monolopy


The Hart and Usagi Podcast is back and this time we talk about our love for Robocop, the crazy idea that Flappy Bird has fans, and power laces, alright!

* Robocop
* Sonic Boom Brings a Brand-New Sonic to Wii U, 3DS and TV
* Amazon Acquires Video Gaming Studio Double Helix Games
* Early Access
* Net Neutrality Dead
* Street Fighter IV updates
* The Flappy Bird Saga Continues
* Magus, first game developed by Aksys, out on PS3 Feb. 25
* Watch Dogs Delayed for Wii U
* New PS Vita Model Confirmed for US, Included in Borderlands 2 Bundle
* Sly Cooper movie sneaks into theaters in 2016

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3 responses to “Hart & Usagi Podcast #43: Play Monolopy

  1. After having expressed my first impressions of the Sonic Boom character designs a few weeks ago, they since then grew on me by a design standpoint. Makeovers aside, my other impressions (as mentioned on the podcast) were basically in correlation between the reveal trailer & said Mario game in question, which in truth we do not know what the gameplay mechanics will be at this time. (Not that I had any interest in the series other than Sonic Advance 3, being my personal favorite.)

    I never understood the value of Early Access (and the various definitions of it) and there’s reason why I never bothered. DLC I don’t mind but as Mike stated, I barely take advantage of the additional content (with exceptions of the LittleBigPlanet series & Dark Souls’ Artorias ala the then-50% discount). To each their own I guess.

    When I learned of the Net Neutrality & Comcast/Time Warner news a while back, I had a hunch there would be plutocratic measures in response to these. I explained the Net Neutrality demise to my uncle and even he agrees with me on why this is not a good thing. On a side note, even though some people may say that Cyberpunk is “just science fiction”, the themes and symbolisms surrounding said genre without a doubt correllates to the real-life situations we as society are surrounded by. In other words, we are living in a Cyberpunk reality. Food for thought or whatever.

    Other than that, t’was a good podcast episode whilst playing the Souls series the other night.

  2. Sonic comments – “How does it play?”. So, I’m not interested in the game myself. I was just posing the question that’s most important to me for any game, and the question that I think Sonic fans (and maybe even haters) should be asking. I wouldn’t care very much how the characters look as long as they control well in the game, and as long as the game they’re in is fun.

    Early Access – I’d argue that the problem is people, not companies. Companies should be allowed to try a whole bunch of new stupid ideas, and we should let them fail. But it’s that dumb desire to be first, to be special, to have something that someone doesn’t, that sends the message that the companies are doing the right thing. In this case, companies are profiting off the impatience of others, and the desire of the consumers to have what’s theirs coveted by others. So many things that companies are doing would just stop if people could resist and not buy. All we have to do is make something not profitable, and it wouldn’t happen anymore.

    Kickstarter – Yes, you act as an investor, and it’s a pretty poor investment as well. Usually investors expect to get a return on their investment. At best, Kickstarter backers will just get what they paid for. Kickstarter is great for people that don’t have the money to do what they want but have earned enough credit for people to believe they can pull it off. It gives people an opportunity to show support for something or maybe more importantly someone they care about. As for me, I don’t know anyone on kickstarter that I really want to support so I’m inclined to just wait for the retail version of whatever it is someone is pedaling. The closest I ever came to something like that was when I sent $5 to James Rolfe when he was raising money for his AVGN movie. I figured that he gave me enough entertainment which I’ve enjoyed and didn’t have to pay for (not that he didn’t get paid, but not by me), that I figured he’s earned $5 from me… even if I never get to see his movie. It’s been years, but I have also donated small amounts like that to a couple of software developers that made free-ware software I used A LOT. Again, I figured they deserved something. EARN the respect of their audience, and they will support you.

    SF4 Updates – Here’s my feedback to Capcom: Can you make a difficulty mode where your opponents only attack with use open-handed hits, and maybe tickle attacks, so that I might have even a chance at getting passed the 3rd guy? I want to feel like a bad ass even when all I can say is “That’s right fucker, how did you like THAT awesome combo?! Punch-Punch-Punch-Pause-Kick. ELITE! EPIC! OTHER OUT-OF-DATE WORDS!” ;)

    Flappy bird guy – I don’t know the whole story on why the guy took the thing down. Now, based on what you said it doesn’t sound like the following was the case BUT, if it was let’s say, instead, for something like “the money and attention is turning me into a person I don’t want to be” then I could respect that. Think of the problems we wouldn’t have if the 1% all of the sudden decided “I don’t want to be an asshole anymore”. BUT, there’s a more noble way to handle it. Keep the money coming in, and give it away to worthy causes. If you don’t want it, do something good with it. Don’t turn your back and walk away, because that’s not a person anyone should want to be either. So time will tell what he’s really made of with his next big appearance or unveiling, and how he spins it.

    Sly Cooper movie – I think I’m more interested in the Ratchet & Clank movie, but this could be fun. I didn’t mind the way they looked in the trailer, but it was kind of a lame trailer. Who cares about stealing donuts? I hope this doesn’t reflect the level of intensity we’ll see in the actual heists that will appear in the movies. As I’m typing out my thoughts, I’m thinking that when I first watched the trailer I had something at the level of The Usual Suspects playing in my head, when I really shouldn’t be expecting anything more than that episode of the Simpsons where Bart steals that video game.

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