The Saboteur: Blow It Up with Dynamite


Since we last checked in with how I was doing with The Saboteur, I’ve gone from 13 hours of game time to a whopping 42 hours played. It had been quite the ride. I did expect it to be a good game, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I am. I only thought this way after the buggy mess that was Pandemic Studios’ follow up to Mercenaries.

I played Mercenaries 2: World in Flames back in 2009 and I uploaded a video you might remember about the crazy car damage values. It’s still a playable game, but it can be frustrating because of the glitches.

The Saboteur, on the other hand, is quite good. It’s nothing to write home about, mind you, but it’s always fun to blow away Nazis. I mean, who doesn’t like doing that?

The side missions, if you can even really call them that, take the form of “targets.” You can purchase maps that mark their locations on you map and once you do you really see how many there are. A lot let me tell you. There’s so many that sometimes I’ll put on a good 2-hour podcast and go to work doing just the targets. Last time I reported 16% of them completed. I can now reveal that in two weeks I’ve raised it to 91%.

Another thing I’ve been doing that you might have seen on Twitter is my screenshots of the game with some comments accompanying them under #PS3share (because the PS4 can’t have all of the sharing fun). Sadly, though, I couldn’t get pictures of everything. One of those funny things happened was when a guard was defensively patrolling an area and walked right into a well and fell down it.

An amusing conversation also happened when the main character, Sean, is asked by a priest to kill a specific Nazi.

Sean: “Father Denis, excuse me for sayin’, but isn’t that sacrilegious?”
Father Denis: “A bullet in the bastard’s head? Maybe. But God does work in mysterious ways, my son.”

With that I take my leave as you browse the screenshots below.

“Ah, that’s going to bloody hurt in the mornin’!”

I guess I’m not getting credit for that race. Thankfully the game auto-saved before it froze.

“Whoa! Fuckin’ deadly!”

Clearing out targets and froze.

Pigeons mid-air sitting.

The Gütmann! I love the Gütmann!

A soldier patrolling the “air-land.”

Don’t you just hate it when boxes defy gravity?

I’m maxed out on frustration when freezes keep happening.

Sean: “In that case, fuck you arseways!”

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