Game of the Year 2013


It’s now time for the big award. My Game of the Year award. Three games stood out to me, but only one takes the glory home.

The praise BioShock Infinite got around the time of its release was well deserved as it all worked well together and the game was fun to play. The sudden turn against it later in the year made little sense. It was just a bunch of sheep afraid to continue liking the game because somebody else had a problem with something minor in the story. Sure it’s not perfect, but no video game is in that department. Regardless I enjoyed my time with BioShock Infinite.

In October I played Dark Souls for my Halloween gaming event. It was a fantastic expansion of what From Software started on the PlayStation 3 with Demon’s Souls. I was a bit confused on how to build a good character and ended up sticking with mostly magic attacks as I did in the previous game. Gwyn went down to my Soul Spears.

The winner, as if you didn’t already know what game it was thanks to the above graphic, and my Game of the Year is Sleeping Dogs. This was a game I played in December and I love it. It was suggested by NiceGuyNeon who said he knew I’d love it. And that I did. This was one of those middle-of-the-road titles, as I like to call them, where the production values may not be the greatest in all areas like a Grand Theft Auto game, but it does do things wonderfully where it needs to. A highly recommended game for those looking for a kung-fu fun time!

Thanks for reading my awards posts and if you missed any you can check them out under the “goty2013” tag.

Have a good one!


2 responses to “Game of the Year 2013

  1. I’m really happy you enjoyed Sleeping Dogs so much. It isn’t perfect, but I love that I kept going back to it because of how strong the game’s mechanics were. It nailed all of the important aspects needed to make a game like it fun. The combat is spectacular, the carjacking is spectacular, the atmosphere is spectacular. It does feel “middle of the road” in some aspects (like side missions from time to time) but it’s a damn good game and I’m happy you enjoyed it so much.

    As far as Infinite, I love that game. It’s my favorite shooter in years. It should go without saying that I do not respect the opinion of any of the folks who loved Infinite and then hated it months later because they deemed it “racist.” To me, that says more about the person who liked something that they deemed racist to begin with rather than a game that very clearly is not racist. It’s a stupid mentality to have and I do not respect or pay attention to that opinion in any regard. I found the game mechanics fun, the atmosphere and world were great, the story was interesting. It’s just a very fun and ambitious game and I can’t fault something that tries to be more than what we tend to settle for.

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