Net Neutrality Dead


I’ve had my opinion heard on this blog of mine since 2004 and I say things people may not like, but the above header banner for this post might as well stand on its own. I’m at a loss for words, other than “fuck” (and “fuck off Verizon”), when it comes to the shitty ass ruling against Net Neutrality. Thanks a lot, Judge David Tatel. You’re on my shit list!

Verizon and all other Internet “service” providers can now freely take a piss on anything they don’t like. A perfect example is this blog post you’re reading right now. I can, and will, tell these greedy fucking ISPs to fuck off for what I know they will do. They will slow to a crawl the loading of any website which criticizes them. Be it review sites about their soon-to-be worthless service and saying how bad it is or worse. They can outright block any website for which they don’t like the political views of. And if you think this won’t happen even in the slightest, then you’re dumber than you look.

Another thing Time Warner (yeah, you suck too) and ISPs in general will be able to do is speed up websites they approve of. An example is Netflix. Do you love Netflix? By the look of it you do. Well, they could easily partner with some competition or make their own video on demand service. Then all they have to do to kill off Netflix is to make video streaming very slow from them and anybody else. This way you’re forced to use who the ISP approves of.

Granted this isn’t over and hopefully it will be overturned as soon as possible by the Supreme Court, if needed.

The Verge: Federal court strikes down FCC net neutrality rules

The Young Turks: Why This Ruling On Net Neutrality Is A Disaster

Review Tech USA: Prepare To Be Robbed. Net Neutrality Is Dead!

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