Game of the Year 2013 – Favorite Guilty Pleasure


This year for my awards I thought I’d try doing a single blog post for each award. I realize this might be a good idea or the worst I’ve ever done, but here it goes anyway.

Of all the games I’ve played in 2013 a few were fun enough to where I enjoyed them much more than the average person. The number one title to do this for me was Bionic Commando. No, not the NES game. Obviously that’s a classic and nobody would consider it something to feel guilty for playing. This honor goes to the 2009 release.

Yes, the new Bionic Commando does have it’s shortcomings, but everybody seems to forget the original 1988 classic has the same problems. They’re both forgettable stories with weak gun mechanics and are very linear. You don’t play the NES game for these things. You play them for the sweet, sweet arm swinging platforming. In this regard the game is a success in both eras.

2 responses to “Game of the Year 2013 – Favorite Guilty Pleasure

  1. Guilty pleasures for me can sometimes make a “boring” experience worthwhile. My Assassin’s Creed III playthrough comes to mind (which also was my choice for said respected award).

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