Complete In Box Fridays: Steal Princess


Welcome back to the sixth edition of Complete In Box Fridays. Why do I do this? Because I love all of you that much. XD Hopefully you didn’t miss out on the Shadow of the Ninja extravaganza last week. If you did don’t fret. I have one of those handy links to it here. Also check out the full allotment of CIB Fridays articles in its category.

This week I’m going to focus in on a game I ended up owning by accident. It goes by the name Steal Princess.

Back in May of 2009 I attempted to order the Game Boy Advance version of Bionicle Heroes. It was quite shocking how quickly it arrived, but once I looked inside the package Bionicle Heroes is not what I found. Instead in its place was Steal Princess. It is a 3D platform game on the Nintendo DS developed by Climax Entertainment and published in North America by the always loveable Atlus. I tried again to get what I originally wanted, but the exact same thing happened in the exact same way the second time around.

The reason I kept the game at all was the difference in price. I only paid $10 for a game that was just released at the time for $34. The current complete copy price for Steal Princess today is just slightly over $10.

As always thanks for reading and before you go, check out the gallery below. Click on any photo to double size it. Have a great Friday!





3 responses to “Complete In Box Fridays: Steal Princess

  1. I’d heard of Steal Princess for the DS, but never checked it out. Being an Atlus fan, it’s now on my radar. You really lucked out in getting something like that…as a mistake. :P

    Just got Stargunner off GOG…for FREE. Plays a lot like UN Squadron, with gamepad support. Runs via Dosbox (included), so it’s Mac and Linux friendly. Stargunner is freakin’ intense.

    • I’ve never heard of anybody (and I do mean anybody) talk about Steal Princess in any fashion. As you read it’s not an expense game by any means. I just wanted to use this as an excuse to retell the story surrounding how I obtained it.

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