Games that Need Sequels

A recent Game Sack episode was on the topic of past games which they felt needed sequels. If you listened to the previous episode of our podcast you would’ve heard us slightly touch on this topic.

Well I’m here to give you my top five games which I’d love to see a new entry from.

Burnout Paradise 2
It wasn’t until Burnout 3: Takedown that I’d even heard of this game series, but that didn’t stop me from becoming a fan right away. I’m sure a number of fans would like Burnout: Takedown 2, but I opt for a sequel to Burnout Paradise from 2008. All Criterion would have to do is give me a new city to drive around in.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within II
Before the reboot of Prince of Persia with The Sands of Time in 2003, I wasn’t a fan of the 2D games. However that all changed once I got a taste of the wonderful wall running and platforming that was on display. The combat wasn’t very good, though, just serviceable. In the follow-up, Warrior Within, the combat received a surprisingly fun upgrade and it didn’t feel ridged anymore. Sure the tone can be lightened up for a Warrior Within II and, no, I don’t count The Two Thrones as this wanted title. It introduced speed kills which made the combat engine mostly useless.

Power Blade 3
Natsume has quite a good track record as a developer. They take what would likely be an otherwise typical licensed game and make the gameplay actually competent. When it comes to the series in question, Power Blade was a fun take on the choose-any-stage-in-any-order style which started with Mega Man. The hero’s weapon of choice, a boomerang, was also quite fun to use. Power Blade 3 for downloadable services, please!

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks II
In 1997 Midway tried their hand at an action game for their Mortal Kombat fighting franchise. The idea sounds great on paper, but the ultimate result, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, was a disaster. However, in 2000, a larger disaster in the form of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces was also created and released. This is why in 2005 their third attempt was surprisingly successful. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was a great 3D brawler with all of the usual MK flair along with a huge helping of MK and MKII nostalgia. Maybe for PS4 NetherRealm Studios can try their hand at creating Mortal Kombat: Black Dragon starring Kano and Kabal. I’d be up for that.

Final Fight 4
As a big fan of the beat-’em-up genre, I hold the original Final Fight in high regard. With the two Super Nintendo sequels I loved the series even more. As least where Final Fight 3 is concerned. This third SNES game gave the characters the ability to have fighting game like special moves. Each also had a super bar which could then be used to unleash a super move. A fourth game with Final Fight 3 as a base would be awesome. Also because we still need to wash the taste of Streetwise out of our collective mouths.



14 responses to “Games that Need Sequels

  1. Nice list… I can get on board with most of those. And for those I can’t say for sure it’s only because I haven’t played the previous ones.

    Having just finished Heavenly Sword, I would put that on my version of the list, but I heard there is one in the works for PS4. I’ve also had Atomic Runner on my list for sequels for a long time. Alter Echo could go places with a sequel as well.

    Alter Echo falls in that group of games I would like to see a sequel for, because although I enjoyed the first one, I think there’s room to improve and I’d like to see the game live up to it’s full potential.

    ALSO, Kya: Dark Lineage. I don’t like cliffhanger endings when there’s no game to follow; and besides we need more 3D Platformers on Sony’s consoles of today!

  2. I’d add Time Splitters 4 to that list. Preferably, a PC version. Time Splitters 2 and Time Splitters Future Perfect kept my old PS2 and GameCube rockin’.

    Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks is a no-brainer. I played the Hell out of that game on my old PS2. Given the mythology of the MK games, and MKSM’s tie-in to fan fav MKII, Ed Boon and his crew should’ve made a sequel by now.

    • I played a bunch of the original Time Splitters, but I just couldn’t get into the second game. I own, but haven’t played Future Perfect yet.

      You’d think that Shaolin Monks would’ve already had a sequel. Maybe it didn’t sell as well as I would like to think it did. Still another go at it would be sweet especially since the genre has moved forward a bit with the God of War series.

  3. In the past I would have mentioned Bayonetta 2, but we all know that has been announced awhile ago.

    We need to see a new real Castlevania game for consoles and not that Lords of Shadow nonsense!

    How about a Jumping Flash! 4? That would be awesome! And before anyone asks, yes, there was a JF!3 only released in Japan for PS1 called Robbit Mon Dieu.

    Street Fighter EX4. Nobody but me would probably want to see this. *heh*

  4. Burnout Paradise 2 would be pretty sweet! I would immediate sign up for that!

    A new Prince of Persia in general would be nice. I don’t know about a direct sequel to Warrior Within though. Then again, I do need to finish the game myself. lol

    Seeing a No One Lives Forever 3 would be pretty sweet even though I’ve yet to play the games myself. I own them but need to sit down and play through them at some point. ^^;

    • I don’t want a direct sequel, per se, to Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The story was continued and finished in The Two Thrones. I’m mainly referring to a new game that plays like it especially on the combat end.

      Unlike you I actually played the games I’d like to see sequels to. You asking for a new No One Lives Forever, to which you said you haven’t played, would be like me asking for an Onimusha 5.

  5. The only two games I can think of that I’ve been thinking about sequel-wise are Jet Force Gemini & Vanquish.

    JFG is technically my first third-person shooter and for the past month I’ve daydreamed the game’s continuing story along with some new ideas for the respected protagonists (Juno, Vela, Lupus). I doubt Microsoft and/or Rare Ltd have plans to bring back the IP anytime soon (if not at all), but considering Killer Instinct for Xbox One, it’s a slim possibility.

    For Vanquish, another 3PS I enjoyed (and my personal favorite Platinum title), it would be neat to see a sequel for this. Perhaps co-op/multiplayer modes in the mix as well. Given that I’ve played other 3PSs from the seventh gen, Vanquish is without a doubt my favorite because of its unique style and substance (and hyper-activeness!) that I somewhat found lacking from other 3PSs of recent. Granted they had their fundamentals, but Vanquish is one of a kind. If Platinum are able to bring about a Bayonetta 2, a possible Vanquish 2 in the near-future? We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

  6. Man, it’s a great subject, though depressing memories of things I’ll never get more of. At-any-rate, I might as well share my thoughts and put off lunchtimes even more (considering it’s nearly dinner time).

    For Burnout, I’d like my traffic checking back.

    Fatal Frame V. It’s one of the more unique survival horror games I’ve played, and I love to see another one. It might sound a bit stupid and cheesy, but the games really creeped me out and I enjoyed them. The combat system was unique.

    Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy 2. The first game was wonderful. It was a great adventure platformer that overtook a weekend. The only gripe I had was lack of voice acting. It would have earned a perfect score from me, otherwise.

    Fear Effect 3. It needs to happen. I want my yuri couple back. Not being straight myself, I get tired of not having anything to relate to in the romance department and their relationship didn’t feel contrived or make me wanna vomit. They were great games, too. Cyberpunk is a favorite sci-fi genre of mine.

    Psychic Force 3. Emilio and Sonia were my mains, but I was upset Sonia wasn’t in 2012. I liked this fighting game.

    Battle Arena Toshinden 5. 2 was my favourite of the series, 3 was… I dunno. It had a lot of characters and I liked Naru, she was cute, but it didn’t seem as solid to me. I know a 4 exists, but we never saw it here in the US, but Europe got it… 3 effing times. :/

    Rogue Trip Vacation 2014. 2012 was a nice Twisted Metal kinda game that had a lot of charm. The UFO was fun. I’d like to see a more modern version of this (not to mention a Twisted Metal Black 2. That newer TM I didn’t like at all.)

    Siren: Blood Curse 2. I’m in love with this series and the sightjacking and is among the few horror games that actually creep me the hell out.

    TMNT Turtles in Time 2. My favourite TMNT game of all time needs a sequel, somehow. I miss this style-of beat-me-up. We’re stuck with isometric 3D stuff and I don’t want that.

    Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 3. Hack-n-slash D&D hasn’t been more fun. The series was beautiful and really fun to play. I liked the Fallout game that was done in this play style, too.

    Actraiser 3. It was an interesting combination of beat-em-up and simulation and I’d like to see more of. I remember 2 being fairly brutal on the beat-em-up part.

    Blackthorne 2. The first was a great deal of fun and I liked the focus on timing than running and gunning your way through like most action platform games.

    River City Ransom. I loved this beat-em-up on NES and even got the GameBoy one. I liked the visual style, the music, and how you upgraded your character buy buying food and stuff.

    Wing Commander. I want to shoot down more Kilrathi.

    • I didn’t mind the traffic checking from Burnout Revenge, but I don’t mind not having it myself.

      I didn’t hear of the Fear Effect games until I saw an early video from ScrewAttack years ago. I placed it on my wish list at the time, but have since decided against getting it. I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of them.

      I, like a lot of folks, were more than happy to purchase and play Battle Arena Toshinden at launch of the original PlayStation, but then natually moved onto better 3D fighters like Tekken. That was early 3D gaming, though, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a developer try their hand at a new Battle Arena Toshinden for PS4.

      I really liked the controls of Twisted Metal Black. The older PS1 titles were difficult to like for me because of the lack of good analog stick control. So count me in on a TMB2!

      I’d also like to get a sequel to Turtles In Time. It really was a shame that the remake wasn’t good. I know why this is though. You could attack and be attacked on the Y axis which is a huge mistake in a beat-’em-up on a 2D plane.

      I didn’t enjoy Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on the PS2 very much, but the more simple nature of the GBA port was fun. For a third entry they’d have to make it so enemies don’t bum rush you as easily.

      I had trouble getting into games like the 2D Prince of Persia or Flashback. However Blackthorne was much more interesting to me. That should be the focus of next week’s CIB Friday since I own the GBA version.

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