PlayStation Memories


Two weeks ago was the announcement of the PlayStation 4. A few hours before the event gamers were reminiscing on Twitter about their time with previous Sony consoles. DaBlueWolfy explained some of his thoughts as I shall also do right here. Unlike him, though, I was with the brand right from the start.


I always knew of the Tomb Raider series. I mean who hasn’t? Despite its popularity, I never saw it as something I’d be interested in. That was until Tomb Raider: Legend came along in 2006. When I saw it in action I thought to myself, “Now that looks like a game I’d play.” I took a chance on it and like it quite a bit. I’ve since played most every major release of the series since.


In 1996 Insomniac’s first game was Disruptor and, yes, when I went to get a copy the clerk did drop the one I ended up getting. It even figured this might happen right before it did. Thankfully it wasn’t damaged. Fun fact: the actor who plays the main character in the game also appeared in one episode of Pacific Blue, a TV show on USA Network at the time.


I want to say it was in GamePro, but I may very well be incorrectly remembering which magazine it was. Regardless, I can remember Usagi704, a friend, and myself looking in amazement at Capcom’s crazy new idea for what would become the first Resident Evil. I’m surprised I was personally as interested in it as I was since even back then I knew I wasn’t much of a fan of the horror genre.


Remember those first commercials for the PlayStation 3? All of the creepy crap happening in a white room? No wonder it didn’t appeal. Thankfully Kevin Butler, the VP of Everything Awesome, came along to make us laugh and to show that gaming is sweet! KISS = Keep It Simple, Sony.


This was a classic moment in PlayStation history. It took place during the Sony press conference of E3 1995 when SCEA’s President, Steve Race, simply said the price of their original console: “$299.”


The GameSpot crew brought the excitement when they covered the North American launch of the PlayStation Portable on March 24, 2005. Rich Gallup looked to be having fun coming up with small challenges for the folks in line to try their hand at winning a new PSP game. I had a blast watching it!


Thankfully I only did it with one or two games total, but with Street Fighter: The Movie I had it, traded it in, bought it again, and then sold it once more. I think it was one of those love it/hate it types of games. I remember the story mode was the most frustrating thing about the game. It only let you play as Guile and the final bout with M. Bison was a major pain in the ass. I did finally win eventually and the reward was unlocking the Chage & Aska music video for “Something There.” It’s been burned into my memory ever since. Was it worth my time all those years ago? I’ll let you decide.

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