Indiana Jones’ Shittiest Adventures


How’s the new year been treating you so far? I’m good. Thanks for asking.

I recently bought another two-pack of Chuck Norris movies. The disc includes Missing In Action (1984) and Delta Force 2 (1990). Neither are all that good. I recommend The Delta Force as it was a much better prequel.


Since I played Klonoa 2, I’ve had the original game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, on my wish list. This all changed when this PS1 title hit the PlayStation Store last week. Instead of paying $65 for a complete copy, I went with $6. Also having it on my PSP is a big plus!

I scored my best on Super Stardust HD with the total of 67,579,170.


Along with that I also started and yesterday completed Metal Slug Advance. Since it’s not an arcade port it has two different characters and just one life, but there are checkpoints to help out. You can collect cards, but they don’t do anything. This game became my first finished game for the new year.

For those on Twitter I asked them to choose a game from this list. I also got a suggestion from SonicHomeboy via PM. I preceded to put them in order of when I bought them from oldest to most recent. First up was Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures (suggested by SHB). As you could already easily tell from the title of this blog post, I didn’t like it very much.

The first part of the initial level is a lead up to a cutscene where Indy gets ahold of the golden idol. The next portion is, you guessed it, running away from a giant boulder. With obstacles in the way slowing you down and one touch of the boulder killing you, it sucks hard to say the least. I must’ve tried to pass this section for about an hour. No more, I say! I’m done trying to run away from this thing only to fail and see Sean Connery’s face again and again. He is a handsome devil, though.

The next game suggestion I’ll start on will be…oh no…say it isn’t so! Batman Forever? Thanks so much, 6h05tly!

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