Pick 5: Recently Watched Films


I’ve watched a number of the movies I’ve recent bought in the last few weeks. Of those I’d like to share three I liked the most and two that weren’t so great.

The first of the more enjoyable ones stars Pierce Bronsnan and Alexandra Paul as UN agents trying to get back a stolen Rembrandt painting, but come across a worse scheme.

It’s a fun watch for a few of the action scenes. Bronsnan sports a a goofy looking mustache and beard and has great comedy timing when in a hotel room faking sex to fool anybody who might be listening.

This is one of Steven Seagal’s more well know films where he plays a cop as per usual. Also typical is how all of his characters run together since he just plays as himself.

The action in Hard To Kill is good with fun shoot outs and fight scenes. Of course the details of the plot has holes you can drive a semi-truck through, but that’s a part of its charm. I recommend it just for how Seagal gets away from a killer on a gurney by pushing himself with a mop after just waking up from a seven year coma.

Andy Stewart: [to the comatose Mason Storm] Would you like a little pussy?
[she places a kitten on his bed]

Best of the Best 2 lives up to its name. Everything about it was hella cheesy and hella fun to watch. It stars Eric Roberts and Phillip Rhee wanting to get back at those running The Coloseum to avenge the death of a friend.

Where do I start with this one? At the top I guess with Wayne Newton of all people. He plays the ring announcer of The Coloseum and overacts all the way and it is glorious! The main baddie that did battle was Ralf Moeller who played Brakus. That name by itself is major cheese, but then he gets a scar on his face and complains about it to great effect on my funny bone. As Newton’s character says in the film, “You love it! You know you do!” I definitely did.

Now onto the two pictures I wasn’t very fond of. This is another Seagal flick where he investigates the dumping of toxic waste in Kentucky. If this sounds like it could be alternately titled On Deadly Ground 2, then you’d be correct.

The plot itself is fine with me, but another large hole is created when near the end of the movie the mine with the toxic waste inside gets blown up. For someone who really is an environmentalist, this doesn’t seem like the most Earth friendly way to deal with contaminated materials. I also didn’t care for the backwoods southern town setting. The action could’ve been much better too. On Deadly Ground is a better way to get your green action cheese.

Hanner SR: You’re violating my constitutional rights.
Jack Taggert: I will show you a new meaning to the word “violation.”

Considered an actual good movie, Soldier stars Kurt Russell who hardly says a word and his main rival here is Jason Scott Lee. Both play genetically engineered soldiers and the latter has replaced the former.

I’ve enjoyed both Russell and Lee before (the latter in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), but here they are both wasted. Sure the action scenes are fun to watch, but the story itself of Russell protecting a peaceful colony is paper thin and boring in the downtime.

Todd: Soldiers deserve soldiers, Sir.
Sandra: But one soldier, against seventeen. What are you going to do?
Todd: I’m going to kill them all, Sir.

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