E3 2010 As I Saw It: Mortal Kombat GS Stage Demo


I decided to share my thoughts on the Mortal Kombat GameSpot final stage demo of E3. This was has it happened and I sum up my overall thoughts at the end.

* Hopefully we’ll see a significant amount of cool stuff when Ed Boon shows off MK shortly.

* Mortal Kombat on GS stage! The art style looks great!

* What? MK with a super meter? Is that a first for the series? I like that.

* Very nice Scorpion sword slicing fatality.

* Sektor vs. Reptile on Pit II stage. I expect someone’s doing down. :)

* Very nice 7-hit juggle combo from Sektor and the stage fatality was also great looking. This is looking to be a great game!

* 2v2 tag mode like Tekken Tag Tournament! Again I’m loving this!

* Up close nut punching by Johnny Cage. :P

* 2v2 also has an assist attack ala Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

* Kung Lao keeping to his hat slicing ways.

* I liked a bunch of things from E3 this year, but that new Mortal Kombat game is unfuckingbelievable.

* When [Usagi is] excited for an MK game for once, then I’m fucking stoked! (lol)

The 12-minute demo was very good. I enjoyed it a lot and was very impressed. I took a screenshot of the character select screen and noticed that the full roster will have 26 characters. Plus there’s a space on the bottom right labeled for DLC characters.


This new Mortal Kombat has renewed my feelings on the long running franchise. It was a close one for my Game of the Show with Twisted Metal and Mortal Kombat, but I’ll have to give the nod to MK. I can’t wait to play it sometime next year!


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