Retro Revival Week – Day 1: Beyond Oasis


For the first day of Retro Revival Week, I played some of Beyond Oasis (known elsewhere as The Story of Thor). I had previously played it to get a trophy on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and thought that I’d come back to it some day. I’m glad I did because it’s a pretty fun action RPG with vibrant graphics that are usually uncharacteristic of the Genesis.

Some of the sounds I’ve heard before. The jump sound is the same one from the Streets of Rage series. That may seem distracting, but it really isn’t.

I suggest checking this game out if it sounds interesting to you. Along with the previous two platforms, the game’s also on the Virtual Console.


The only other game I played today was Mortal Kombat II on SNES. I matched up against Usagi704 and it was overall a worse performance than early last week. Regardless of my win/loss ratio, Usagi has uploaded all of the matches in a few chunks of video which you can see here. Make sure to check out any updates about his first day later on.

* GT member dr4cul4 went for a no-death run on Contra.
* Co-host Darkbeat played arcade favorite Elevator Action II.

That’s all to report for today. Day Two’s game will be Final Fight CD. Retro rules!

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