E3 As I Saw It: The Microsoft Press Conference


I was on twitter during the whole conference throwing out my thoughts. Here’s a straight copy and paste of what I had said. Mind the language if that’s not your thing.

* As expected the babies are crying over on GS because the video isn’t playing. It’s one of those sad E3 traditions.

* The GS stream is now on. If you’re still going to cry, I suggest sticking yourself in the neck with a broken bottle.

The Beatles: Rock Band
* Exclusive means, well, shit if it’s only ONE SONG.

Modern Warfare 2
* Seen this MW2 trailer [already]. I’m not excited for the game. I don’t play CoD4 online.

* Thanks for the live guy with a controller. I wouldn’t think it’s real otherwise. (lol)

* Thanks for that controller shot (x2) I still wasn’t sure it being real gameplay. Please a few more times damn idiots. (lol)

Shadow Complex
* That game’s map looks like one in Castlevania.

Joy Ride
* Joy Ride’s an excuse to use their avatars like Nintendo’s been doing. Neither excite me.

Crackdown 2
* Crackdown 2! Finally something that’s cool! See I’m not a fanboy for any system.

* My bottle is ready to be broken for neck stabbing purposes.

Halo Reach
* “Top secret project.” Please spare me the marketing bullshit speak. I knew it was another Halo game. *yawn*

Netflix upgrade, Last.fm, Facebook, and Twitter XBL additions
* Everything post Alan Wake has sucked the big one.

Metal Gear Solid Rising
* The great thing about MGS Rising is that the dumb ass rumors about MGS4 can shut the fuck up.

Motion-sensing camera – Project Natal
* Controllers aren’t difficult to use. You just push buttons. Babies can do that.

* Dark brown is a perfect color for this paint thing. It’s shit!

* Correction: The most imprecise controller is you.

Check out my Day 1 recap of Retro Revival Week if you’ve missed it. Later.

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