1998 Game of the Year


Make way for the return of my retro Game of the Year series with 1998.

Note: You may very well disagree with some of my choices, but that’s why it’s a good list.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Metal Gear Solid
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
WWF War Zone

1998 Game of the Year: Half-Life
Runner-up: Metal Gear Solid

I must be honest here. I don’t so much think Half-Life is great for just itself. The modification potential was what won me over at the time. Most people remember mods such as Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, and Day of Defeat. The latter two which I enjoyed more so than CS. However, there’s countless other mods that were well done and fun to play. I remember have lots of fun playing Front Line Force, Vampire Slayer, and Natural Selection among others.

Metal Gear Solid being my runner-up is still a solid place to be (pun possibly intended). I only played through it once so far and only didn’t get into the second game because I followed it up too close to finishing this one. I recommend picking up the Essential Collection. It’s the best way to experience this ground breaking game at the best price.

Here’s a list of other Half-Life modifications that entertained me.
The Specialists
Science and Industry
Sven Co-op
International Online Soccer

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