1988 Game of the Year


Note: You may very well disagree with some of my choices, but that’s why it’s a good list.

Here’s how this show works. I’ll list the nominees (up to 5) and then choose the game of the year and runner-up. The games chosen have to be games that I’ve played. They don’t have to have been played at the time, but they do have to be within the year noted in the title.

NOMINEES (All games are the arcade versions unless otherwise noted.)
Alien Crush (TG-16)
Altered Beast
Chase H.Q.
Contra (NES)

1988 Game of the Year: Contra
Runner-up: Chase H.Q.

Those that know me well enough or have simply read my blog for awhile will not be surprised to see Contra as my Game of the Year for 1988. I actually never owned it at the time, but I did get to play it when a friend of my brother left his copy at my place for several weeks. I remember being up all night playing this on the weekends.

You can probably tell by now that I was at the arcades a lot at the time with a number of the nominees being arcade games. Chase H.Q. was another one of those games. This one was basically doing what I love about the Burnout series way before Criterion Games was even a thought. The name of the game was to chase down a target car and then ram into them until you’ve won. Sounds like Burnout’s road rage mode to me. :D

Going back to that side note that I pointed out the last time. RoboCop was another arcade game that I liked that was available at my local Coliseum Roller Rink in the early ’90s.

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