1985 Game of the Year


This column will be the same as NeonNinja’s 1996-2007 Game of the Year posts. However, I just won’t be giving the same long explanations because I’ll run out of words faster. :P

Here’s how it works. I’ll list the nominees (up to 5) and then choose the game of the year and runner-up. The games chosen have to be games that I’ve played. They don’t have to have been played at the time, however.

Space Harrier
Super Mario Bros.

1985 Game of the Year: Super Mario Bros.
Runner-up: Space Harrier

I’ve never been a fan of the Mario games, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t fun. I can sometimes overlook the IP if the game is actually fun. A good personal example is Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (SNES).

Space Harrier was always fun when I’d get a chance to play it at the time. I plan on getting the Genesis sequel in the future.

FYI: Alpha99 is gearing up for Alpha Picks #6 and this time he’s going to let everybody vote on the game that he’ll tackle. It’s all going down this Wednesday.



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