Getting To Know: Episode CXCIX


What’s the first video game system you owned?
The first console that I owned and paid for myself was the original PlayStation. As far as the first one that I ever played. That was a third-party Atari 2600 system called the Gemini by Coleco. Their controllers were better solely because the joystick and paddle were together instead of separate.

Have you ever played a game with a celebrity?
Does a Half-Life mod team count? If so, then it was when I was a beta tester for the Red Winter mod team. They never ended up totally completing or releasing their mod publicly.

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Have you ever used cheat codes?
I sure have and I love them. Once Galoob released the Game Genie for the NES I was all over that! I had a Game Genie for every system that I owned. That included the NES, SNES, and Game Boy. There actually was one exception and that was the Game Gear. I never felt I needed it for that system since I didn’t played it all that much. I also had the GameShark for the PlayStation.

Now there just isn’t the amount of cheat codes in games like there used to be. That’s the main reason I don’t use them much anymore. The lack of good codes like infinite ammo, god mode, and the like are also why I don’t bother with them. I never got excited over a code for big head mode or somthing similar. I still like cheat codes, however. When a game like Mercenaries comes along and has the awesome codes that I like, I’ll gladly use them.

Are you a controller tosser?
Nope. I never tossed controllers, but I sure slammed them down many, many times. Those NES games were hard. What else was I to do? :lol:

What is your current achievement point total?
I currently have a total gamerscore of 805. I find that amazing for someone that doesn’t even own an Xbox 360.

Which game do you have the most achievements completed in?
That would be Crackdown, with 520 points, without a doubt. More than half of my total score has come from that game. That’s 65% of the total to be exact. Gears of War is in a distant second place with only 120 points completed.

What’s your guilty pleasure game?
That’s an easy one. NBA ShootOut ’98. It’s such a shitty game that some how almost received a perfect score by GamePro. That review was probably what made me buy it. You know it’s a terrible game if you can win an 8-minute game by 50 points with only dunks and free throws.

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