Now Playing: March ’07


This month’s stack of games played reached 11. A bulk of the time was reserved for the three most recently released Burnout games on the PlayStation 2, Takedown, Revenge, and Dominator. I’m going through Takedown for the second time, while Revenge and Dominator are getting the first time treatment. I’ve had Revenge pretty much since its release date, but I was too distracted by the terrible music to notice the great game underneath. Now that I’m ignoring the music, I’m having lots of fun with the game. Some of the jumps in that game are really incredible!

The games that I managed to beat were Crackdown, Batman Returns (SNES), and Double Dragon Advance. Batman Returns is fairly easy until you fight the bosses. Catwoman is a total pain in the ass. She moves fast and makes it very difficult to get close enough to do much damage. Oh and she also has that super long range whip and you have to face her a second time. Provided that you can even beat her the first time.

The multiplayer games of the month were Double Dragon Advance via GBA to GBA link and versus matches in the PS3 downloadable game Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Other games that were played: Super Castlevania IV, Axelay, and Batman (NES), with an honorable mention to The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES). The game is hard, but fair. If you die it’s because you haven’t exactly figured it out yet.

The next game I’m going to get into is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It isn’t the XBLA version, but instead the original PlayStation game.

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