Now Playing: February ’07


A continuation of my 2+ year quest to finish Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on the GBA finally came to a close. The game wasn’t difficult. I just ended up not understanding where to go next in the beginning of Act II. After lots of time of ignoring the game, I got back into it determined to make it to the end. The craziest thing about this game was that the boss of Act I was a lot more challenging than either of the other two were later in the game.

Keeping with the BGDA theme, I was able to acquire the PS2 version of the game. I played some co-op with a friend for about an hour only to get frustrated with the fact that one of us would keep dying. Eventually, I input the invincibility code, but that didn’t have the long lasting fun factor that we were hoping for. It’s been waiting for us to continue the adventure ever since.

After a lengthy delay I finally received Tomb Raider: Legend for the GBA in the mail. Just like last month with the DS version, I blew right through it in three days. The two motorcycle stages aren’t very interesting to play regardless of the platform. But the GBA game makes it impossible to avoid running into obstacles while moving at top speed. It’s down right awful.

Early into the month I asked you to vote for which game I’d play next out of a list of five games. The winning game was Psychonauts out of a three-way tie. I played through the game up until a certain point where I just got tired of it. How come, you ask? I fill you in on that in a mini-review soon to come.

The whole month wasn’t a total wash as Super Castlevania IV and Crackdown have been consistently entertaining. I’m about halfway though Crackdown. Yesterday I offed one of the Generals of The Volk (Natalyza Gryzunova). I grenaded the she-devil to the ground. The SNES Castlevania game was a cool time at a friends house. I provided the system and game and he provided the TV. Trading back and forth after losing a life was a good time. On the dreaded GS forbidden emulation side, I’m up to Dracula and he’s definitely a bitch.

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